May 15, 2010

A new purpose, a new direction

Why do I run and workout? Endorphins. Pure and simple--endorphins. Those wonderful class of neurotransmitter chemicals largely responsible for our feelings of happiness and well-being.
Somehow I forgot this. I forgot it among my struggles increase my speed and endurance, overcome various injuries and illness as a result thereof, and fight to maintain a 60 pound weight loss.

It recently occurred to me as I resisted going out the door on yet another difficult and painful run, "Why was I putting myself through this?" I thought about this more as I ran. I also asked myself, "Why was I having frequent aches and pain not related to a specific injury? Why was I even running to begin with?" Then I finished the run and remembered why. It was the feeling at the end. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment and triumph and the simple joy of moving my body.

And then I returned to ballroom dancing. My husband and I have been away from our beloved dance club for nearly a year and were only recently able to return. It was only after I returned that I realized how much I had missed it and how much joy I felt dancing. Moving around the dance floor to me is freedom, I lose myself in the dance, allowing my true self to show and I feel like I am flying across the dance floor!

And so it is when I lose myself in a run, I forget about distance and speed, even where I am on the trail. I don't care what time it is, when I return or even what's waiting for me at home. I realized that is what I want most from my runs. I will never be a fast runner; I'm a middle aged, very petite woman for Pete's sake, why am I trying to compete with younger, faster, more experienced runners when I have the best thing out there from my runs—JOY!
So it is with this new purpose that I recommit myself to this blog and hopefully inspire a few people along the way to do the same—to discover the joy and vibrancy in themselves in exercising body and mind in healthful ways.
I invite you to come along with me, comment and share your moments of joy.

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